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 2006 Artist's Monograph  
Published by Marquand Books Inc., Seattle in association with
CRG Gallery, New York NY and Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica CA
Essay by David Frankel
Hardcover, 64 pages

"This first monograph for Russell Crotty is an extensive overview of his vast body of work, expressing his fascination for astronomy and nature through the medium of drawing. Through his rigorous study of the stars and direct observations through the telescope, Crotty offers a romantic and poetic view of the universe while blurring the line between scientific research and artistic license. His idiosyncratic renderings in ballpoint pen began on flat paper and evolved into compilations of drawings in oversized books and on paper-coated spheres. "

I designed the entire book in close contact with Russell, with an intimate knowledge of how he would like to see his work portrayed. (Understandable as we do live together.)  The selection of images came from his galleries and from our own extensive archive of his work. It is rich with installation shots, pages from Russell's artist books, gatefolds and details.

2010 Artist's Monograph
Published by Marquand Books Inc., Seattle in association with
Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica CA
Essays by George Melrod, Amelia Jones, and Jillian Hernandez
Hardcover, 128 pages

"Los Angeles–based conceptual artist Rachel Lachowicz is known for turning her acerbically witty eye on the decidedly male realm of modernism. A mid-career survey as well as comprehensive monograph, Rachel Lachowicz presents an overview of 20 years’ worth of art-making. Labeled a “lipstick feminist” by the art world -- she once recast Yves Klein’s “Blue Venus” in cherry-red lipstick, and frequently uses cosmetics in her work – Lachowicz’s art falls under many headings: appropriationist, conceptual, feminist, postminimalist. Her work is always visually lush and often sexually provocative; through it, she explores the crisscrossing relations between identity and the politics of mark-making."

I was thrilled to have an opportunity to work again with Shoshana Wayne Gallery on a monograph for another one of their gallery artists. Rachel was very clear on what she liked and didn't like. The narrowing of parameters is welcome to me as it provides a very clear focus on the problem and the goal. The resulting book layout is clean and sophisticated, without clever devices to distract from the artwork. It was very gratifying to come to know Rachel and her work better ~ along with the extensive plates, the three essays are exceptional reads.