Graphic Design + Art Direction | 310.924.2473 | | Ojai, California
Laura Gruenther Design
BRIGHT | Looking for challenging projects that demand creativity, originality, and innovative thinking.

INDUSTRIOUS | Work as a contract designer for 30+ years. Design studio + ad agency work laid a solid foundation of expertise. Currently serve my own clientele, pursuing design solutions to optimize all types of businesses.

FLUID | Delve into any kind of project or media with fresh, conceptual ideas. Adept at all graphics software, Mac-savvy.
Easily learn new skills and technologies.

FOCUSED | ...on corporate identity. Not just a logo, but all parts a company assembles to establish an appropriate, recognizable, consistent character within all its communications. The voice of an organization is not merely its design, but also its culture. Through its identity, a company controls how it is perceived on all levels. All communication materials must integrate and uphold the identity. If you don't have one, I'd love to help you create a custom identity system.

CONCLUSIVE | I am a problem-solver. Ideas come directly out of what needs to be communicated. Every angle is considered and evaluated until the most appropriate solution is found. Client's message is embedded in every part of the visual communications to establish strong branding, resulting in increased recognition of the client's product or service.

SYSTEMATIC | Every project strategized in stages: planning | research | analysis | concepts | refinements | production… along with budgets, estimates, time schedules, and all necessary project management.

FLEXIBLE | Reliable and proactive. Welcome collaboration, openness and interaction. Communicate ideas and opinions clearly. Work long-distance with ease. Build ongoing, trusted relationships with clients.

STREAMLINED | Full-service, customized design services ~ yet a low overhead studio.

I invite you to browse freely through selections from my design portfolio in the file cabinet below.

I hope this introduction to my work piques your interest and you will contact me to find out more about my design capabilities in relation to your next visual communications project.


Rachel Lachowicz Monograph

Russell Crotty Monograph
The Art of Furniture Design
FreWill Furniture
| archaelogical and biblical publications |
CentruyOne Bookstore
healing clinic music garden  
bugs life

Kornwasser Shopping Center Properties

Alpha Analytics Investment Group

Adventure House Communications Group

These respresent a small selection
of the many business cards in my portfolio ~
most also have a complete stationery system.

Mike Simms
| building & carpentry |

NVI, Inc.
| scientific and technical support services |


George Smith Partners
The Mozer Group Capabilities Brochure

South Coast Air Quality Management District
"Clean Air Awards" Booklet
Candle Corporaton
eBusiness Brochure
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
Business Guide

Mondo Deportivo

UCLA Magazine


Foreign Service Institute
| language courses on CD |

The First Upper Lake Horticultural Happening
| event graphics |

Online Duty-free Shopping and Airport Information
| point-of-purchase |


Russell Crotty | artist

Nick Taggart | artist

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to go directly to website

John Hillis Sanders | artist

Far West | artist's retreat

Mar Mel Inn | Bed & Breakfast for Dogs & Cats

Current Obsession
| identity system for J109 racing yacht |
LAX Enhancement Project : Terminal 2
| in collaboration with Russell Crotty |
• AIDS Project Los Angeles | Los Angeles, CA

• Alpha Analytics Investment Group | Los Angeles, CA

• Brigante, Cameron, Watters & Strong | Torrance, CA

• Candle Corporation | Santa Monica, CA

• CET Environmental Services | Long Beach, CA

• CRG Gallery | New York, NY

• Deloitte & Touche | Los Angeles, CA

• The Walt Disney Company | Burbank, CA

• Forest Hills Educational Trust | Boston, MA

• FreWil, Inc. | Los Angeles, CA

• George Smith Partners, Inc. | Los Angeles, CA

• Gipson, Hoffman & Pancione | Los Angeles, CA

• Grey Crawford Photography | Los Angeles, CA

• Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. | North Hollywood, CA

• Ice Magazine | Santa Monica, CA

• In-Sync Interactive | Los Angeles, CA

• Internet Language Corp. | Pasadena, CA

• John Hillis Sanders | Long Beach CA

• JSA Publishing | Los Angeles, CA

• Nick Taggart | Los Angeles CA

• NVI, Inc. | Greenbelt, MD

• Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce | SM, CA

• Shoshana Wayne Gallery | Santa Monica, CA

• So.Coast Air Quality Man. District | Diamond Bar, CA

• Stanislawski & Harrison | Pasadena, CA

• University of California (UCLA) | Los Angeles, CA

• WJB Systems | Kansas City, KS

• Wolf Designs, Inc. | Malibu, CA